About us

We are in this Business Since Last 20+ Years


Surendra Wedding Video & Photography is situated in Ahmedabad and has been serving in this field since last 20+ years. Surjit Singh Guller is the owner and handles all the tangible workouts of this business, and you can reach him on call- 8000176540.

My Vision:

Did I say I want to provide you with best wedding photography services in Ahmedabad or anywhere around Gujarat, India? No, I did not.


Simply because, I believe in the theory of truth. And the truth is that, I wish to provide amdavadis with best, professional, and affordable wedding as well as engagement photography services, and to expand this business as much as possible. I want to serve as a helping hand to my father in this business and I want him to fulfil the minute desires he has in his heart. I then after leaving my corporate job; will take on to this business forever as the primary source of my income.

My vision is thus comprised of two primary goals:

  1. To provide best and desired wedding photography and videography services anywhere in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, or India.


  1. To expand as well as earn my livelihood by providing these services ethically and faithfully to the people of Ahmedabad and India.

Current Status and Equipments:

Since we are in this business from last 20 years, we are well versed with latest gadgets such as DSLRs, HeliCam, and More. And we have tasted as well as tested each & every equipment, personally.

surendra wedding photography ahmedabad

So what did we learn from our experiences with latest gadgets?

We learned the fact that technology keeps changing frequently. We learned that to capture and produce a amazing click (photo) one does not require a 2,00,000 rupees DSLR; a superb click can simply be produced with a simple SLR costing 25000 rupees and a keen observing eye. You just need an observing eye, a pinch of passion and talent in order to produce an amazing candid shot.

carrying our experience, we now provide A to Z wedding as well as engagement and event videography and photography services such as- Services We Provide


We have all the required gadgets and tools necessary to produce amazing photography results and to cover all our wedding related services from Candid Wedding Photography up to LED Set Up, Helicam Mode, Flower Shower and More. We also provide traditional and Indian style wedding photography too!

We Specialize In:

When it comes to religions, India is our favourite country, for we enjoy heartily all the festivals and holdays we get due to these festivals. Indian economy will come to the verge of extinction if there were no religions and festivals.

So what religion we specialize in?

In these 20 years we have covered weddings of almost all the religions except one or two. We have worked as professional wedding photographers for Christian WeddingsMarwadi WeddingsMarathi WeddingsGujarati Marriages, and more. And then we have worked as candid wedding photographers and videographers in Punjabi WeddingsSindhi Marriages, and for some more.

All in all, we have covered all the religions when it comes to wedding photography and videography. Thus, we know-understand-respect all the wedding related rituals, ceremonies, spiritual concepts, mahurats, timings, and functions of all the castes and religions.

Talk to Us Now!

Looking forward to getting the best wedding photographers in Ahmedabad? Want to know the cost? You can contact me over WhatsApp- 7878050625 or else you can talk directly to my father- 8000176540.

The best way to know the exact cost of wedding photography or videography, candid wedding photography, pre-wedding shoot, and more, is to ask directly via call. On the other hand, you can mail me your requirement and details at sphotographerss@gmail.com

I wish you a positive and prosperous day ahead!